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An Insight To The Types Of Divorce That Exist.

Divorce is a process through which married couples decide to end their marriage. The most common causes of divorce include the mistreatment of one party, availability of irreconcilable differences among other causes. The divorce process is taxing both emotionally, physically as well as financially because there are numerous things that one needs to consider before embarking on the process. The Process of getting a divorce is often a long and complicated one in many scenarios, but there are many types of divorce that the society knows nothing about, and it is good that some of the uncommon types be made familiar to everyone as such information might prove useful to one person or another. This article will explain the different types of divorce that are not common to many people.

The contested divorce is the most publicized type of divorce; as such, it is widely known. This type of divorce is often portrayed in movies and television shows as being dramatic and even chaotic. In divorce proceedings, there are two pillars that govern the whole process, and these are child custody and property sharing. Many divorce cases could be settled in lawyers offices only if the couples could mutually agree on how to share the property and who takes custody of children. These types of divorces are the most expensive and most bitter due to the fact lawyers have to be hired to represent the needs and interests of different parties in the trials, which are often very long.

They can be said to be the antonyms of contested cases. Couples easily come to terms with property division and child custody. The supervision of how the paperwork is done is the main job of the lawyers. In the case where there is no agreement, the case becomes a contested divorce.

Most of the times, summary divorce is thought to be internet divorce, which is totally untrue. Due to the fact that the couple have been together briefly, there is little, or no property acquired together hence making the sharing process easy or even absent. The main process that is involved in the simplified divorce is the filing of the correct paperwork, and your request will be granted within thirty days by the family court of your choosing. Simplified divorce is not the same as internet divorce.
Another type of divorce is the default divorce, whereby one partner files for the divorce and the other partner doesn’t give their response; hence, the court assumes that there is an agreement on the pillars of divorce. The difference between a contested and collaborative divorce is the absence of trial.